Submission Steps and Registration

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This page contains help on the following topics:

I. How to prepare  your self for submitting your paper using the EDAS System, and the IEEE PDF Express site.

II. How to submit your paper using the EDAS System

III. How to upload your Copyright Agreement

IV. How to Submit your Final Manuscript once your paper has been accepted

V. How to upload your presentation files

VI. How to upload your Biography

VII. How to register for the conference once your paper is accepted and how to register for other events.

I. Preparation Steps (before submission):

Note: IT-DREPS 2020 uses EDAS Conference System for Paper Submission and Conference Management.  Submission must follow the IEEE Guidelines and IEEE Xplore Digital Library.  Authors must use the IEEE Paper Template, PDF Express, and the IEEE Copyright form.

  1. Read Authors Instructions (EDAS Help)
  2. Create EDAS account (If you never used EDAS previously)
  3. Check Required Paper Template
  4. Visit the IEEE PDF eXpress site, enter the conference code: 42341x, username, password to login (if you don't have an account click on new users) and upload your paper (Doc or PDF).  This step is not required for the review or draft manuscript.

5. You will receive the converted PDF file in your email.

II. Paper (Review or Draft Manuscript) Submission Steps:

1. Login to the EDAS System. (login)

2. From the EDAS main menu select Submit Paper or just press on the link: Submit Your Paper .  It should take you directly to paper registration and uploading manuscript.  If not make sure to choose the IT-DREPS-2020 conference to begin the submission.

3: Select the track you prefer - follow the submission steps. 

Now Upload the Manuscript

The EDAS system will Display the following screen for you showing information pertaining your document.  Make Sure the Status of your paper is "Active" with Manuscript.  You should receive two emails from EDAS stating that your paper has been registered and uploaded.

If your document has serious formatting errors or warnings, they will be displayed in the screen below.   If the error is not acceptable, your file will not be uploaded, and the status will show that there is no manuscript.

At this point you are all set.  You just need to wait fro your paper to get reviewed and hopefully accepted to continue with the next steps. 

III. Completing and uploading the Copyright Form

Once your paper has been reviewed and is accepted you will be required to complete a copyright form, and then upload the final manuscript.  To work on the copyrights form, please follow the steps below:

1- From the EDAS main menu, select the option My - My Papers

A list of your papers and their status is displayed as follows:

2. Press on the Copyrights Icon located in the copyright column as shown above, and follow the steps:

3. Press on the copyright file as shown above to download the form.  Complete the form and sign it, then upload it using the "Choose file button" as shown above, then press "Record Copyright" button.  You can print copyright form, sign it, scan it, then uploaded if you wish.

IV. Uploading the Final Manuscript:

Once you have an accepted paper with an uploaded copyright form, you can upload the final manuscript of your paper.  Follow the steps below:

1. Before uploading your final manuscript, you must go through the IEEE PDF Express to generate the proper file. Visit the IEEE PDF eXpress site, enter the conference code: 42341x, username, password to login and upload your paper (Doc or PDF).  The converted version of the manuscript will be sent to you by email.  Download the file from your email and save to your device.

2. Now, go to the EDAS system, and List your papers from the EDAS main menu as you did before (My - My Papers)

3. Select the paper, press on the Upload icon located in the Final Manuscript column as shown below:

4. Upload the final manuscript which was generated by the PDF Express.

Please note that all final manuscripts will be checked using Turnitin (Crossref - ithenticate) Similarity Check.  Papers with 30% or above similarity will be rejected.

V.  Uploading your Presentation Files:

Once you have uploaded all the files related to you paper, you can now upload your presentation files to be prepared for the conference presentation:

1. List your papers from the main menu - My - My Papers, and select the Upload icon located in the Presentation Column as shown below.  Upload your files.

VI. Adding a Biography:

1. You can add your Biography by going to the EDAS Main menu and selecting My - My Profile as shown below:

2. Select the EDIT option in the Profile menu and select the first row (change email address, affiliation, ..etc) as shown below:

3. Now you can change your profile fields and add a short Biography as shown below:

VII. Registration Steps:

Once you have completed all the required steps regarding the submission of your paper, copyright form, presentation, you need to complete the registration, and finally pay the required fees.

Step :. Choosing the registration Menu

There are two options to register for the conference.  Either from the main menu, or after you display your submitted papers.  In both cases a list of events will appear for you to register.  Please note that only the events that are related to you will appear.  for example Paper Registration will not appear if your paper has not been accepted yet.

Main Menu Registration Option: Using EDAS main menu, select the Register Option, then select the conference as shown below, and press "Register Self".

My Papers Option: 

Select My - My Papers from the EDAS main menu:

Press on the Registration Button adjacent to your paper as shown below:

Step 2: You will now get a list of events to register for.  Every author must register for paper presentation (Fees $250) after the acceptance of the paper.  Optionally, you can register for the social event for $100.  Guests can register and enjoy several benefits including coffee breaks, lunches, dinner, and a gift box for $150.

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