About Competition

During the evaluation of graduation projects and after students receive their grades, A short listof "Award Nominated" projects is constructed by the "Project Submission and Evaluation Committee".  This short list is submitted to a Competition Committee who re-evaluate all the projects in the short list.  The new evaluation is applied on the project itself rather than on the students or on the learning process or learning outcomes.  The project is evaluated based on strict criteria that may include the theme, quality of product, completeness of the project, packaging, and so on.  The outcome of this phase is a list of projects ranked according to a competition criteria. 

Competition Committee

This is usually a sub-committee of the Project and Evaluation Committee.  The task of this committee is to evaluate the short list of potential projects eligible for awards.  Members of this committee classify projects to different categories, select three projects (If available) for each category, and finally select the winner for each category.

Awards Categories:

Most Innovative Project Award

This is the ultimate award which is granted to projects that went through all the required phases technically and business-wise.  These are projects that are incubated, become business start-ups, or may have lead to an intellectual property registration


Most Creative Project Award

This an important award granted to projects that demonstrate creativity and ingenuity.  The project must be built around a new, yet creative idea that has not been implemented previously.


Best Outstanding Project of the Year Award

These are projects that were implemented successfully and competed in different competitions and won top-level awards


Best Coder Award

This award is usually presented to software projects demonstrating excellent design and programming skills.  These


Best Software Application Award

This award is granted to software applications.  A project is eligible for this award if it can demonstrate it’s usefulness, excellent user interface and usability, interoperability, error free, security.


Best Mobile Application Award

This award is offered to the best mobile applications which demonstrates usefulness, size, and user interface, and the ability to be put on the online markets.


Best Interactive Device Award

This award is presented to projects that integrate software with hardware.  Projects using microprocessor, sensors, communication devices, and other external hardware are eligible.  It is important to note that writing software applications in these type of projects is a very important criteria.


Most Competitive Project Award

This award is presented to projects that competed on national and international competitions and events.


Best Research Project Award

This is an important award presented to projects that evolve around an important research topic.  For a project to become eligible it must be accepted in one of student national or international conferences.  

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