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Course: 601393 - Human Computer Interaction Course File (603393CF-11)
Glossary: hci g


 when an inappropriate system goal is selected and pursued

analytic evaluation

usability evaluation based on a careful analysis or theoretical modeling of user interface features, usually carried out by usability experts


a technique used during the design of interactive systems in which the designer adopts a computational perspective on the task objects in a scenario.


an operational model of a design or software development proposal, usually created for testing and feedback purposes

software logging

instrumentation of a system such that it automatically records and time-stamps user actions and system reactions


any individual or organization with an interest in the process or product of an analysis or design project


an icon or other visual depiction used to represent the user in an information display

command language

a structured set of expressions that a computer interprets as requests for information and services

white space

the parts of a graphical display that contain no graphical elements

conversational agents

software agents that are interact with the user using natural language and that are often given a human-like appearance