Information Technology Project Management

1 Chapter 1

1.1 Introduction to Project Management

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the growing need for better project  management, especially for information technology projects
  • Explain what a project is, provide examples of information technology projects, list various attributes of projects, and describe the triple constraint of projects
  • Describe project management and discuss key elements of the project management framework, including project  stakeholders, the project management knowledge areas, common tools and techniques, and project success
  • Discuss the relationship between project, program, and portfolio management and the contributions they each make to enterprise success
  • Understand the role of the project manager by describing what project managers do, what skills they need, and what the career field is like for information technology project managers
  • Describe the project management profession, including its history, the role of professional organizations like the Project Management Institute (PMI), the importance of certification and ethics, and the advancement of project management software


  • Many organizations today have a new or renewed interest in project management
  • Computer hardware, software, networks, and the use of interdisciplinary and global work teams have radically changed the work environment
  • The world as a whole spends nearly $10 trillion of its $40.7 trillion gross product on projects of all kinds
  • More than 16 million people regard project management as their profession