Microsoft Excel 2007 with Example

3 Basics

3.5 Workbook: Workspace

If you open the same workbooks every day, save these workbooks as a workspace. If you open the workspace file, Excel opens all your workbooks and the layout of all windows. This can save time.

1. First, open two or more workbooks.

2. On the View tab, click Arrange All.

Click Arrange All

3. Select the desired arrange setting. For example, click Tiled.

Tiled Arrange Setting

4. Click OK.


5. On the View tab, click Save Workspace.

Click Save Workspace

6. Save the workspace file (.xlw) to a location on your computer.

7. Close Excel.

8. Open the workspace file.



Note: the workspace file does not contain the workbooks themselves. Therefore, you still have to save the individual workbooks if you make any changes to them. Also, if you change the location of a workbook, Excel cannot open this workbook when you open the workspace file.