Assignment 2


  • Break students into small groups and have them visit the following Web sites to obtain general information about Web 2.0.

 Have students discuss what they have learned with the class.

 Show students the “web 2.0 city” poster at ( Which companies do they recognize? What makes them Web 2.0?


Have each student visit one of the Web sites at one of the sites mentioned above and discuss or record the Web 2.0 features demonstrated by the site they chose.

2. Explore:

  1. Use a search engine to find the Internet Archive Web site, which hosts the Wayback Machine Web application. Enter the URL of your hometown newspaper, your college or university, or another site of interest, and compare an early version of the site with the current version.When did the Wayback Machine first archive the site? What elements of the site have remained the same? What is different? Note that the Wayback Machine may not archive all of the images on a Web site, so it is likely that some images will not appear. 


3Alexa is a Web site that tracks the most popular sites on the World Wide Web. Visit the Top Sites page of the Alexa Web site and review the first 10 sites on the top 500 list. Which are Web 2.0 sites? What factors do you think contribute to their popularity?

4.Use a search engine to find a list of popular Web 2.0 applications, and select a Web 2.0 application of interest to you. What Web 2.0 features does it incorporate?