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    Field Training - 601498

    Dr. Nesreen Otoum


    The purpose of the supervised field training experiences is for students to synthesize the knowledge and skills developed during the academic portion of the program in a practical setting. Field training is both a learning experience for students and contributes to the work undertaken by the field training site. The expectation is that the field training will provide learning opportunities unavailable in a classroom setting.

    Students arrange their field training experience through their respective departments (further information below). The student’s field training faculty advisor monitors student progress and assigns a course grade (A/D). The field site mentor provides students with on-site supervision and support. Students may work on specific projects during the field training.


  • اجراءات التدريب الميداني

  • آلية التقييم

  • Training Final Report-Template.

  • جدول الحضور والغياب

  • الأعمال الأسبوعية

  • تقييم طالب متدرب من قبل مشرف التدريب في الشركه

  • نموذج خدمة المجتمع

  • 27 August - 2 September

    • 3 September - 9 September

      • 10 September - 16 September

        • 17 September - 23 September

          • 24 September - 30 September

            • 1 October - 7 October

              • 8 October - 14 October