Steering Committee

Prof. Adnan Badran

Chancellor of University of Petra

University of Petra , Jordan

Prof. Marwan Muwalla 

President of University of Petra

University of Petra ,Jordan

Prof. Ghassan F. Issa

Dean of Faculty of Information Technology

IT-DREPS 2017 General Chair

University of Petra, Jordan

H.E. Dr. Ibrahim Saif  

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources

Eng. Abde Al-Fattah Al-Daradkeh

National Electric Power Company-General Manager

H.E. Majd Shweikeh

Minister of Information & Communications Technology

Dr. Hosni Ghedira 

Director of the Research Center for Renewable Energy Mapping and Assessment at the Masdar Institute

Engineer Fawzi Masad

Chief Resilience Officer/ Mayor’s Consultant, Greater Amman Municipality


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